Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Forbitten Love - Chapter 1

"Are we almost their Luc?"

"almost my lady, are you in a rush to see you fiancee?"

"don't be silly Luc i have never even met Sir Magnus we are only
set to be married due to our blood"

"Luc help a lady down will you?"

"why it would be my pleasure my lady"

"would you like me to present you to Sir Magnus?"
"That would be most kind thank you"

"Sir Magnus i now present to you your future bride" 

"Miss Eliza Delecour"

"It is nice to meet your acquaintance"

"As yours Please sit"

"Why thank you, how very kind and what a lovely chateau
might i say you have"

"why thank you it was a gift from my father"

"Really i see he has high expectations for you"

"Yes he does i am to be corinated at the end of the month"
"Is that so, i supposed i am your queen?"
"But of course, i can not become king without a queen at my side"

"Well i am glad that i may be at your side"

"as do i at yours"

"Oh Sir Magnus, Don't make me blush"

"I'm so sorry Sir Magnus but i oft be going Ti's almost
sunset and i am very tierd"
                                        "Why do you have to go, come stay here tonight"

"I am sorry here take this as a token of my gratitude, I must be off"

"Oh how beautiful she is and how she walks and talks like a angel
she is perfect for me nothing will spoil this relationship"

I am slave to you
why do you take me away
from my love, my one and only love

I must return, return to the water for it is almost time time for me
to say goodbye to this and hello to reality

                                            I am not someone who walks away easily and
                                           someone that doesn't keep secrets but i have to
                                         keep this from him he needs no part in this world.

                                         I hope when i do have the courage he does not flee
                                              from me i don't know if my heart can take it.

                                         I am a Fish bound in one skin but wanting another,
                                                                          I love him
                                        but i cannot be with him and that's what hurts the most.

                                        I don't wish to lie to him but i must for my own safety.

I am a
and i must take this secret to my


  1. oh a mermaid?!!?? How did you get a mermaid? I want one.

    Ashby Starr Bright

  2. Reminds me of just seeing Pirates of the Caribbean, if he turns her she'll be exactly like the mermaids in it. We were joking that they were vampire mermaids because they were mermaids with fangs that sucked people's blood. :P

    GREAT post however!

  3. Leiah he's human here , this story is a prequel to when he was human.

  4. First chapter and I'm hooked already!

  5. Hey Magnus. I love your story! May I ask, where did you get Eliza's Gown? It looks so beautiful.