Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Forbitten Love - Chapter 6

Magnus and Eliza packed they're things and headed to the carriage to begin they're journey to the new palace. The new palace was a early wedding present from Eliza's parents. The palace was in a small village on the outskirts of France, looking threw the east windows you could see the entire village. When Eliza and Magnus arrived it was almost sunset knowing this Eliza slipped away and walked toward her chambers.
Once outside Eliza ran, ran like she has never run before

She ran past the snowball bushes the ones her and her mother planted when she was younger.

What Eliza did not know is that she was being watched,
watched by Splendora 

"Did you see Eliza go around the corner?"

"Yes, she did not mention there being anything over there"
"Then why go there" said Splendora
"Only one way to see" Pan said grinning

Eliza Went to The chamber hidden beneath the palace, 

as she looked into the water she could feel the 
energy enter her body it was happening,

She was changing, her body slowly lifted off the ground, 

Sparks flew from her body and her clothes ripped away 

she was now her true form, A mermaid.

The splash made the mirror water ripple, distorting the world above
from seeing the one beneath the waves.

"Are you sure she went this way?" Pan asked annoyingly
"Yes, I am sure no be quite!" growled Splendora

"There are Stairs! I want to see where these stairs go" Splendora said
"I am going to wait here if that's ok" Pan said with a hint nervousness in his voice 
"Fine Suit yourself" Splendora said as she started down the steps.

"Ummmm actually, Wait for me!!!" Pan yelled running down the steps 
to catch up.

"It's a lake, a lake is in the basement!" she said with a shocked expression.

"Did you see something move over there?" asked Pan.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" screamed Splendora and Pan as 
Eliza emerged from the water.

"Splendora you must not tell a soul to anyone!"

"I.....I promise not a soul will know, or I shall die a terrible death."

"Pan will not say anything either! right Pan" Splendora said elbowing pan in the ribs
"Yes, no one will know" Pan said still fazed by the fact that Eliza has a Tail

"Would you like to come for a swim, the water is nice at this time of night"
Splendora asked smiling.

"I would love to" Splendora said as she grabbed Eliza's hand and was pulled into 
the depths that Eliza knows like the back of her hand. as the water swallows Splendora,
she feels the warmth of the waves over lapping on her shoulders then her hair the next thing she knows she is completely summered, just as Eliza's secret. 

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