Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chapter 2- Pregnant?

Beem- "Are you alright Petal?"
Beem asked with a little hint of worry in his voice
Petal- "Yes Beem I'm fine it must have been the food I ate."
Petal said trying to hide her own worry from Beem.

Leaf- "Are you sure you're alright?"
He asked trying to sound calm.

Petal- "YES I am fine, I just need to go lie down for a little bit.
I'm sure I will be fine after that."
She said sounding a little irritated

Leaf- "Beem make sure she is alright"

Beem- "Yes I will keep my eyes on her while she is sleeping"
He said while turning away and walking toward the bedroom."

Petal- "Beem come to the kitchen with me I feel a little hungry"

Petal- "Mmm this food is amazing, Thank you Leaf."



Petal walked over to the sink holding the three plates she finished eating

After finishing the dishes she shook her hands dry and started to
walk towards the living room.

Petal- "Did something just move??????"
Petal said placing her hand on her stomach.

Petal- "Leaf I have something to tell you, I think im

Petal- "I know we werent trying and i hope that you are happy"
She said looking a little worried, waiting for Leaf's reaction.

Leaf- "This is Great news!"

Leaf- "I LOVE YOU"
Leaf whispered in her ear.

Leaf- "Were having a baby!!"
Said Joyfully leaning in to kiss Petal.

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  1. awww cute post! congrats petal and leaf <3 beem is cute but evil looking in a good way of course. and wow 3 plates WOW!