Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chapter 1 - The Surprise

Petal- "The apples look Delicious,
I cannot wait to take a bite."

Petal- "Done!"

Petal- "Mmm this tastes amazing. so sweet and crunchy.
I need to wash up in the spring before I go back to the cottage."
Petal said as she took another bight into the juice filled apple.

Beem- "Petal!"
He yelled from the edge of the pond

Petal- "What is it Beem?"

Beem- "It's Leaf, He wishes to speak to you it is Urgent."
said Beem with a smug look on his face.

Petal- "Beem is everything alright???"
Petal breathed out while running

Beem- "see I told you it was Urgent."
Grinning from ear to ear

Leaf- "Here I picked these flowers in the meadow this morning,
While you were getting apples."
Leaf smiled at the surprised expression on Petal's face.

Petal- "They are beautiful"
Flashing her teeth gracefully.

Leaf- "Smell them"
Petal- "Oh they smell divine"
Taking a breath of the flowers in.
Leaf- "I am glad you like them,
 I have another surprise in the house."

Petal- "What surprise??"
She said already close to the door.
Leaf- "Wait the surprise Includes me! It's a new bed!
I have been working on it for weeks." 
Leaf showing pride in his work. 

Leaf- "I LOVE YOU!"
Leaf said smiling at Petal.

Petal- "I Love you too"
Petal smiled back.

Petal decided to make salad for supper.

Petal- "I cannot wait to eat this it smells so good!"
Petal said trying not to stick her head in the bowl.

Petal- "Mmm"
as she took a bit of the crunchy vegetables.

Leaf- "Here, I got it Sit down"
grabbing the plate from the counter.

Petal- "Thank-you"

Petal- "I don't feel so good Leaf."

Beem- "Petal, whats wrong?!?!"
Beem said with a worried expression on his face.


  1. i like it! i find it cute that the cat has an voice :D

  2. I had an idea to have a blog about pet, with them talking and having conversations with each other but not the Sims. This is EPIC I love Beem :)