Wednesday, May 11, 2011




"This is are new home I'm sorry it's not better"
"it's perfect we can raise Lucy here"

"who's house is this"
"Magnus i was told to find him they said he would help us"


"who are you?"

"My name is Trevor wolf this is my wife Hanna, Skyler sent us"

"did he well that's just like him thinking I'm running a Inn does he?"

"Come on in i suppose"

"I have spare rooms for you and your child to stay in this way"

I hope he can be trusted

"This is my family"

"Family this is the wolves they will be staying with us for a while so
be nice"

"thank you so much this is perfect for her"

"welcome now come this way i will show you your room"

"It will do"

"I'm glad it meets your requirements"

"Now good night i need to go out for a bite be back later"

Mmmmm Look at her heat source makes my mouth water

"Hello i am Magnus and you are?"
"oh well Debbie very nice to meet you"

Now lets see what shes thinking about

why are these people trying to always sneak in its so stupid
why don't they just slip me some money like everyone else

"Would you like to meet me outside after your work?"

"sure i finish at 1am ill see you then"

"You showed up, may i see your arm for a second"

"What are you doing!!!"

"Take care of it!"

"She is ready for the transformation"

"now you will become a vampire in a couple days
 don't do anything stupid"

"Here have this"


"You know what to do Splendora, fix her make her

"She is Complete!"

"Sir she has Transformed would you like to see her?"

"Wake up child of the night arise and take thy place in my family"

"Welcome to the family we are pleased to have you here"

Debbie McLeod
Vampire 3

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