Sunday, May 22, 2011


"Splendora i will have to step out for a bit can you
control the house until i return?"

"yes sir i won't let you down"

Hmm many bodies tonight to choose from but what's that all i smell is one

one that i want

"A drink please"

"of course sir right away, anything else with that?"
"no just the bloody mary is fine"

he knows not that i will make him into a killing machine
a bloodthirsty animal of the night

"here you are sir"

"Magnus call me Magnus"
"ok Magnus"
"after your shift meet me outside i need to talk to you if thats all right?"
"sure i finish in 5 min ill walk you out"

"Give me your hand"

"my hand?"
"yes your hand"

"Clean it up will you no need making a scene"

"I called this meeting to discuss the living arangements for you 3"

"Living arangements??"

"yes you 3 are now going to be a clan still part of my family but in a different house"

"But master why"

"Because new vampires are going to come in and you will be their mentors
after i turn them and keep them here for a couple weeks i will send them to
you and you will train them"

Really master and where will we live?"

"Here are the directions go there now i will be there
later to see that you have setteled"

"Would you like to become a vampire?"

"if so put out your hand and i will feed on the rest of your human blood"

"You must eat this to fufill the full transformation"

"so i eat this and i become a vampire?"
"Yes thats how it works"

"alright ill do it"

"I dont feel so good"

"you need rest go sleep i will get you once the changes to your
body have been made"

"Splendora i want you to give him a new look something

"Sir i will do my best but be patient it may take a while"

"Splendora i will be checking on the other vampires in their new home
will you watch our fledgling?"
"Yes sir i will"

"It is a decent house for them"

"how do you like your room?"
"oh its lovely i will enjoy spending time here"

"Is this room up to your standards"
"Yes it is master but why kick us out"
"I did not kick you out you are helping me
on my journey for a hundred vampires"

"Oh master i love it thank you so much"

He has turned i must initiate him now

"Welcome to the family"
"Im glad to be here sir"

Mike Frons
4th Vampire Turned